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Jeffrey J Glaser, DDS, MSD, PA -  - Periodontist

Jeffrey J Glaser, DDS, MSD, PA

Periodontist & Dental Implant Specialist located in Plano, TX

Cosmetic periodontal surgery is aimed at helping patients address specific issues that can detract from the appearance of their smiles. As a leading periodontist in Plano, TX, Dr. Jeffrey Glaser has extensive experience in advanced techniques to enable each patient to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile of his or her dreams.

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery Q & A

What is cosmetic periodontal surgery?

Cosmetic periodontal surgery includes an array of techniques and procedures designed to improve the appearance of the smile by modifying the tissues that support and surround the teeth, including the gums and the lips. Studies have shown having an attractive smile can have a significant effect on how a person feels about their appearance, and it can also have an effect on how a person is perceived by others. Cosmetic periodontal surgery helps patients feel more confident and more attractive.

What is gum grafting?

Gum grafting is a procedure used to augment existing gum tissue using grafts taken from elsewhere in the patient’s mouth or sometimes using sterile grafts from a tissue bank. Grafting helps correct the appearance of a “toothy” smile that occurs when too much of the tooth surface is exposed and visible above the gums. It can also help prevent gum disease and decay in the lower portions of the tooth so teeth stay healthier.

What is esthetic crown lengthening?

Esthetic crown lengthening is a procedure that removes excess gum tissue causing teeth to appear too short and resulting in a “gummy” smile.

What is lip stabilization?

Lip stabilization is a procedure that’s performed to address a smile that reveals too much of the upper gum. When lips are “hypermobile,” they can move too far upward, revealing an excessive amount of upper gum tissue. Lip stabilization is a simple procedure that restricts the lip movement so the optimal amount of gum tissue is revealed when smiling.

How can I tell which procedures can benefit me?

The best way to decide which treatments will help you achieve the results you want is to schedule an office exam to learn about all your options. While a single treatment may be sufficient for helping you address the issues that are most bothersome, many patients benefit from a combination of treatments to address multiple issues for optimal cosmetic appeal.